5 Things You should Consider Before Renting a Car in Bali

5 Things You should Consider Before Renting a Car in Bali

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Want to travel comfortably in Bali? You should consider 5 things about renting a Bali car with automatic transmission. This article advises finding the best car rental Bali with automatic transmission. Let’s check out below!

5 Tips To Find The Best Car Rental Bali with Automatic Transmission 

Strolling around Bali using a car is the best way to enjoy your vacation in Bali. Besides the recent unpredictable weather in Bali and frequent rainstorms, traveling by car is more comfortable if you visit faraway places such as Kintamani, Ubud, or Amed. 

So, here are 5 things you should consider about using a car rental Bali with automatic transmission.

1. Self-Driving or Use a Driver

The first thing you need to consider before renting a car in Bali is whether you will use a driver or self-driving. If you want to drive yourself, you need an international driving license before renting a car.
The cost of renting a car without a driver usually starts from IDR 250,000. Fees can also be more expensive depending on where you rent it and the type of car you want to rent.
You must prepare a higher cost if you want to use a driver. The cost of renting a car with a driver usually starts from IDR 450,000, depending on the type of car and the destination.

2. Insurance for Car Rentals

Many rental places in Bali rent out their vehicles independently, where they rent out their cars individually, not under a company. Hence, most rental owners provide car insurance. But not each of them will provide it.
Therefore, you need to ask if there is insurance for the rental of the vehicle so that you can protect yourself if there is an accident or something unexpected happen.

3. Car Fuel

Fuel is usually not included in the rental fee. When renting a vehicle, you need to ask what fuel type the car uses because the kind of fuel dramatically affects the costs you will incur.
There are two fuel types for automatic transmission cars: Pertalite and Pertamax. The prices for these two fuels are very different. Pertalite’s current price is approximately IDR 10,000 per liter, while Pertamax is IDR 14,000 per liter.

4. Rental Period

The cost of renting a car in Bali varies greatly depending on the time you rent the car. Usually, the rental period is between 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours for car rental Bali with automatic transmission. The costs also vary. The cheapest car rental is IDR 250,000 for 6 hours, excluding fuel.

5. Car Condition

Also, check the condition of the car before you use it. Check the condition of the engine, air conditioner, gas tank, and any other. It’s a good idea to capture the current situation from the car and gas tank before you take them out from the rental.

Are You Ready for a Fun Vacation in Bali?

Those are 5 things you should consider about using a Bali car rental with automatic transmission. So, are you ready for a fun vacation in Bali? Let’s find the best car you want to rent at GM Rental Bali. 

GM Rental Bali offers the best condition car at a competitive price, ready to accompany your trip while in Bali. You’ll get several car types which you can choose based on your preference. Furthermore, the rental cost is reasonable. Then, let’s visit the website and book a car for your trip now!

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