Car Rental in Bali, Is It Safe? 3 Safe Tips For Renting A Car in Bali

Car Rental in Bali, Is It Safe 3 Safe Tips For Renting A Car in Bali​

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The lack of public transportation in Bali makes renting a vehicle the best option to enjoy your trip. You can opt for a car out of other vehicles available for rent. However, many tourists need clarification on whether renting a car in Bali is safe. Grab insight through the explanation below.

Car Rental in Bali, Is it Safe?

Most rental cars offer cars with adequate safety systems, which consist of airbags and seatbelts. However, insurance comes mostly with rented cars from large companies.

Prior discussion regarding the details of that issue with your car rental is necessary. Externally, you need to expect to face a slower speed of driving. In addition, having the legal paperwork in hand is always mandatory.

Don’t be surprised if the company or owners are quite strict with the rules, particularly regarding the agreed return time and date. Since many cases have occurred, they need to ascertain that their cars are not stolen.

3 Safe Tips For Renting A Car in Bali 

There are some safe tips that you can apply when you rent a car in Bali.

1. Choose a trusted car rental

Check the site or social media of the rental car before choosing a car rental place.

2. Check the car before driving

Recheck the vehicle before you move. Check tire pressure, gas tank, brakes, and more. Don’t forget to fasten your seat belt when you drive.

3. Set Map App in Car Mode

Rest your map app using car mode is a vital thing as well! In Bali, people mostly ride motorbikes and cut through many alleyways, particularly in tourist areas outside Denpasar. Resetting your map in car mode helps you to avoid getting trapped and lost in those alleyways.

Where to Find A Trustworthy Car Rental?

Find the most fitting car for your journey across Bali in GM Rental Bali. With well-maintained car condition and seamless booking service, we provide an affordable and cozy car renting experience.

Embark your Bali discover directly from the airport or accommodation using the car delivery dan pick-up service. Ensure your safety on the road by hassle-free renting a car in Bali with ours!


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